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Tuesday, August 15th 2023, 4:00 AM

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It’s almost impossible to enjoy your home if it needs electrical repairs. Poorly functioning electrical circuits make simple tasks like plugging in and using a blowdryer, turning on the lights, and running your microwave nearly impossible. Tactical Power Electric Services wants you to get the most out of your home. That is why we staff only the most skilled local electricians Freehold, NJ, has to offer.

Do I Need My Electrical Panel Replaced?

Your electrical panel, or fuse box, allows electricity to run throughout your home. When it’s destroyed or severely damaged, you’ll notice equipment inside your residence isn’t operating properly. However, you may not know whether you need an electrical panel repair or a fuse box replacement. Don’t worry. Our knowledgeable electricians will make that assessment and remedy the problem. For now, consider these signs that you need to replace your electrical panel.

The Wires Are Melted

Wires can melt due to overuse or regular use; it boils down to time in most cases. While it may be unlikely for you to spot the melted wires, you’ll certainly smell them. Wires that have melted give off a fishy or urine-like stench. They can also carry a smokey odor. Whenever you see or smell melted wires, the circuit is beyond repair, and you’ll need a local electrician’s helps.

There Are Wonky Working Appliances

Are your lights flickering constantly? Do your appliances, like a kettle or cellphone charger, work on and off? Appliances and lights that work intermittently are a clear sign that something may be wrong with the electrical circuit. You may be able to preserve the panel if you respond to this issue quickly. Otherwise, you’ll need a replacement.

The Panel Is Rusting

Typically, your panel won’t rust unless it has repeatedly come into contact with water. Water can come into contact with the electrical panel if there’s a leak or crack in your walls. This is highly dangerous and can start an electrical fire. Thus, you’ll want to call a repairperson immediately if you notice this issue.

When Should I Replace My Electrical Panel?

It is standard practice to replace your electrical panel every 25 to 40 years. Of course, this is a wide window, so we advise you to pay attention to the signs that a repair or replacement is needed instead of only going by how long you’ve had the panel. If you’re uncertain how long the previous homeowners had the panel, we can inspect it for you.

Can I Upgrade My Residential Electrical Panel?

Yes. You can upgrade your home’s electrical panel. We recommend every homeowner get a new electrical panel installed if they have a Zinsco panel, Federal Pacific Electric panel, or Challenger panel. Those panels are particularly dangerous and out-of-date for homes. Your home may have one of these panels if built several years ago. Our contractors can verify which electrical panel you have and make the necessary repairs or upgrades.

Licensed Electrician Near Me in Freehold, New Jersey

Having a stable electrical panel keeps your home safe and your appliances working. Should you need an electrician in Freehold, NJ, to perform an electrical panel overhaul, call Tactical Power Electric Services. We are available at 732-655-2882 with 24/7 emergency services.

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